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Preserve Your Client's Money.

TRANSCRIPTS, VIDEO, AUDIO, NOTARY, and TRAVEL all for about 1/3rd the price.

   1. AVLawDepot complies with Rule 30 prescribing certified audiovisual
record and transcript.
       2. Save your clients 2/3rds of unnecessary stenographic costs.
         3. The Reptile can only be used with video-- 75% of all responses are visual.

         1. AVLawDepot records certified video depositions in electronic form. Rule 30 prescribes legally-admissible digital evidence. Federal and state law confirms the AVLawDepot record is admissible. Sworn by commissioned notary, the recorded originals are fully documented and certified. Attorneys get certified audiovisual HD video DVDs. A complementary PDF file accompanies the digital record without ever involving a stenographic court reporter.

         2. No surprises and no tricks. AVLawDepot's pricing is fixed at about 1/3rd of what you'd expect from court reporters. It's all included. No add-ins. No 'gotchas.' No gimmicks. And we enforce a strict "no dudes" policy. You get a trained notary legal videographer-- no shaggy, scruffy "dude" glaring at your emotionally-frail deponent across a nest of wires and tripods.

         3. The Guardian of the Record... IS the Record. Courts strive to remove human intervention. Don't trust anyone-- replay! Video By Notary (VBN) legal video depositions are made per Rule 30-- supported by caselaw running back to 1970. We lower costs, improve efficiency, and increase accuracy by the same means the official record is made in virtually every courtroom. A subjective paper transcript never tells the whole truth: you've lost facial expressions, emotions, and intonations. Press play!

Powerful evidence grabs the attention of jurors and fact finders... and it's never paper-based.
The Gold Standard of Digital Depositions
     1. Twice the deposition.
       2. With half the trouble.
         3. At 1/3rd the cost.

Watch the video!

WE ARE NOT STENOGRAPHIC COURT REPORTERS-- but neither do you need one. Read Rule 30: Video By Notary (VBN) records certified video transcripts in electronic form. We are commissioned, bonded notaries taking legal video. The deposition, as the Advisory Commitee clarifies in Westlaw's 2011 Rule 30 official note regarding terminology, "the record generally refers to any such record of deposition testimony." including transcripts, audiovisual, etc. Advisory Committee Notes to the 1993 Amendment to Rule 30 reflect [an] intent that law office personnel, rather than an independent stenographer, will most likely prepare the typed transcript of those portions of the audio or video deposition which counsel intends to introduce at trial." Electronic rules have been clear for 20 years.

       Home Grown in Salem, Utah, USA where true value and honest service is the rule. Always.