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Please follow these simple instructions:

       1. First schedule your desired date online or call (801) 369-3855 and we'll help
reserve your day.

       2. Create the Notice with this specific language: TO ALL PARTIES AND THEIR ATTORNEYS OF RECORD PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that [attorneys for plaintiff] will take the video deposition of [deponent] in accordance with Rule 30 and Rule 26 of Utah [or Federal] Rules of Civil Procedure, by a bonded Utah Notary on [date] at [the Law Office of attorney], Utah and will continue until completed. No court reporter will be present unless requested by another party in this action pursuant to Rule 30 of the Utah [or Federal] Rules of Civil Procedure.

       3. email or mail us your notice. We'll confirm your appointment and will keep in touch as the time draws near.

Then we arrive, push the ON and OFF button, and eject the record into your hands. It's pretty much that easy.

Your clock starts at the time specified on the notice. A half-day deposition runs to three hours for only $500. A half-day deposition quietly converts to the next hour @$150 per hour when the clock runs past three hours. A maximum of seven (7) hours of video, audio, and complimentary PDF File is only $1100-- far less than anyone else. We'll go past seven hours, too, with no complaints. Our time is valuable, if our office is not notified by 5: pm the previous day of deposition a cancellation fee of $100 will be charged. If for any reason our videographer shows up the day of deposition and address of deposition and sets up to do the deposition and a cancellation of deposition occurs, a cancellation fee of $200 will be allocated.

Your officer per Rule 26 and Rule 30 (and state statute) is a duly commissioned, bonded Utah Notary. We check ID, issue certificates, sign affirmations, and administer oath(s). S/he stays onsite to witness the entire deposition(s).
S/he immediately hands all parties DVDs before you leave, and maintains all digital data and evidence from the first utterance to final transcription. S/he affirms through a notarized certificate, by law, that s/he personally witnessed your video, DVDs, transcriptions, and audio files, and memorializes your low price. Schedule office depositions above

We easily work in
doctor's offices, at hospitals beds, in old age homes or senior care facilities, private homes, insurance offices, etc. -- locations most convenient for your clients. Book your mobile off-site deposition above.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This advertisement and description of services is not a contract. Persons submitting this form are under no obligation nor is AVLawDepot bound by contract. This form, e-mail(s), and any calendar scheduling are simply requests for more information this opportunity as listed above. Firms submitting a request for deposition services will be contacted and will be asked to execute an agreement pursuant to provision of services.

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