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[Please] "give me a civil case that doesn't have some significant disagreement over evidence..." (Hon. Judge Robert K Hilder, ret.)

Numerous ABA Rules of Legal Ethics and Codes of Professional Responsibility target your wise use of client resources. You're one client away from "The Inquisition" over one accusation of fiduciary malfeasance. And Supreme Court Advisory Committees since the mid-1990s have bent over backwards to allow cost-reduction methods (such as tiered discovery and digital recording without stenographers) to reduce discovery expenses.

AVLawDepot costs 1/3rd of old-school court reporters with capped prices and no additional upcharges. Not a penny more for unlimited pages, scans, travel, appearances, etc. Our record contains facial expressions, tone of voice, gestures, etc. And pursuant to state and federal "cost shifting" rules, we don't do "inconsistent billing" as do stenographers. We deliver the whole package fairly to all parties. The Bench appreciates arguments on the noble merits, not petty admissibility.

HALF DAY ($500) and FULL DAY ($1000)* -- Fully-indexed PDF file, HD video DVD, notary certification, full custody of exhibits, oaths and affirmations, travel, and more-- with no upcharges. Seven failsafe audivisual recordings are monitored at all times using separate equipment and separate microphones. Fully-formatted per state law, indexed PDF file comes complete with correction sheets and reporter certification, too. *Note that on rare occasion when asked to stay past seven (7) hours we are happy to do so, as the deposition per state and federal procedures described in Rule 30.

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Early depositions and transcriptions lead to concluded summary motions on undisputed evidence.
Video depositions and full transcriptions lead to early settlements, motions, and results in your favor. With low cost AVLawDepot depositions you can cut quite a swath on the road to justice.

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